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Winter Skin Workout Series!

Winter is the perfect time to revise, rebuild and rejuvenate your skin due to the cooler temperatures and to kick start your journey to amazing skin Just Magic has put together a brilliant package that will have your skin beaming and your confidence soaring!

It’s called the Winter Skin Workout Series!

It starts off with having a skin consultation and analysis with one of our expert skin technicians where they will really “dig deep” with your skin, asking you what it is you don’t like about your skin and where you want it to be. They’ll also take digital images of your skin and confirm any skin issues and check over your skin health. It’s how we put together the perfect “game-plan” for your skin!

We’re then able to curate a collection of 6 of the very best smart skincare series facials, targeting specifically your skin concern at a deeper level. The 6 facial treatments are performed ideally fortnightly to progress your skin and maximise results!

The thing that makes this package so different is the versatility! We know skin conditions don’t fit into a “one size fits all” scenario – the solution for acne is different to the solution for age management! So your therapist has a range of “tools” in their tool box to be able to specifically choose the best way to move forward with your skin to get you amazing results.

Now, treatments are only 1/2 of the pie when it comes to achieving clear, smooth, hydrated skin…that’s why we have also included 4 full sized Lira Clinical home-care products:

  • cleanser,
  • serum,
  • day moisturiser (that includes your SPF)
  • night moisturiser)

These are also chosen specifically with your core skin concerns at front of mind so you can support and correct your skin on a daily basis to fast-track results!

This type of package is worth over $1250! We are releasing 10 packages for just 3 monthly payments of $249!

(To secure your spot there is a $100 deposit which is redeemed off your last payment)

So if you want to see how amazing your skin can be, if you want to have the confidence to not have to wear makeup everyday, then this is the package for you!

We’re excited to see who will snap these up and are looking forward to achieving great skin together.

Call us on 49575605 today, we are ready to serve you!

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