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Winter Skin Do’s, Don’ts & Must Have Products

Gorgeous jackets, colorful scarfs, cosy blankets and lots of tasty Jamaica Blue menu items! Winter definitely has it’s fun perks, but it also has it’s frustrating skin perils. Discover our Do’s, Don’ts and winter must have products to keep your skin glowing this season.

DON’T Stop Wearing Your Sunscreen

Shielding your skin is just as important as ever in the winter months. Though it’s cold and cloudy outside the sun still has the same damaging effects on your skin. Did you know even snow can reflect over 90% of the sun’s UV rays, making it vital that you’re applying SPF if your on holidays visiting the slopes.

DO Use SPF Solar Shield 30 Hydrating

Using a moisturizing sunscreen like Lira Clinical’s SPF Solar Shield 30 Hydrating will keep your skin optimally protected against the elements. Fortified with skin plumping peptides, plant stem cells and a myriad of botanicals, this powerful product is the ultimate anti-aging sunscreen.

DON’T Shy Away From Hydration if You’re Acneic or Oily

The complexion balancing act gets a little tougher in winter. Dry winter weather combined with oily and acne prone skin can cause more irritation for those suffering from breakouts and inflammation. Maintaining balance with just the right amount of exfoliation, soothing hydration and antioxidants is key to maintaining skin harmony.

DO Use ICE Balancing Lotion

This serum has a beautiful skin balancing combination of salicylic acid and light-weight hydration, controlling oil while maintaining moisture. This power product is also infused with topical probiotic technology which aids in supporting your skins microbiome for total skin health. Lastly ICE Balancing Lotion ups the illumination and antioxidant factor, helping to lighten acne scars with multiple botanical brighteners.

DON’T Forget to Protect the Neglected Areas

When we think skincare we tend focus on the parts that visibly age. But our hands, lips, body and other neglected parts need extra love during colder seasons too. Lips become easily chapped during windy days, cuticles split and runny noses can always use an extra boost of protection when tissues become frequently used. Losing vital moisture, every inch of your skin is affected by the temperature change making it essential to exfoliate and hydrate from head-to-toe.

DO Use BIO Recovery Balm

With its versatility and ultra-hydrating gel base BIO Recovery Balm is your skin’s new BFF this winter. BIO Recovery Balm can be used to boost hydration or act as a barrier protector for compromised skin. Infused with healing gold and silver minerals, mixing it with your existing moisturizer or using a little on dehydrated lips, dry cuticles or the red chapped skin under your nose (especially when you have the sniffles) will make a huge difference.