Why You Should Make Getting Monthly Facials A Priority

We’re always happy when clients come to see us for a facial. However, recurring facials is how you will see real changes in your skin and reach all your goals. No matter how healthy and happy your skin is, there is always a benefit to being looked at by a professional on a regular basis. With that said, here are eight of the reasons our team believes in monthly facials.

New layers of skin!
Skin cells take an average of 28 days to turn over, this means that by the time you stop by for another appointment, we have a whole new layer to work with! If you have any conditions like pigmentation, for example, this is a great opportunity to see what we’re now working with as we move deeper into the skin.

It’s like a checkup for your skin.
When you come in monthly, we’re able to track your progress. We can help map out a routine based on your schedule and lifestyle and we can give a fresh consultation to treat conditions as early as possible. This allows us to be proactive in our outlook and recommendations. Lifestyle changes, weather changes, diet and medication changes, stress, and travel are all reasons that your skin may begin behaving differently. What we saw in our first skin analysis might no longer be the focus, which is why we do one at the start of every facial.

We can stay nimble.
Which brings us to our next reason… when you start using a new product or change the way that you’re using a product, it’s important to keep an eye on how your skin is responding. An example of this might be using retinol. The earlier we see how your skin is adjusting to things, the better. This gives us a good baseline, as well as offering opportunities to change as needed so you can reach your goals with fewer setbacks.

Your skin just changes.
Not all products are meant to be used for forever.As your skin changes, what it needs changes. It is similar to when you take a medication and find that the dosage stops being as effective over time. When we see you monthly, we can recommend something based off of what you’ve used in the past. No wasting time using products that no longer serve you.

You get access to the good stuff.
Some products in our treatments are amped up for pro-only use. You’ll see faster results with monthly professional treatment, this is because we have access to professional grade products that can make a big difference. We also cocktail these products, mixing more than one together to target specific needs.

You get a great work out.
One important part of our facials is stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems in the skin.  So coming in for monthly facials is great for muscle stimulation and keeps the muscles stronger and retaining collagen to keep skin tighter. While you can give yourself a facial massage at home, all you need is one massage from a Skin Therapist and you’ll know just how special it is to have someone trained do it.

One facial is great, more is goals.
Speaking of trainers, we like to think of facials like exercising. While one facial is great for learning a bit of the basics, you’ll see real change with continued attention. Monthly facials remind you to stay dedicated to your skincare routine, gives you real-time feedback, and allows you to evolve your knowledge and health.

You deserve it.
And lastly, but most importantly, you deserve — at minimum — one hour every month to take care of yourself. Life moves fast and in the words of Ferris Bueller, if you don’t look around once in a while, you might miss it!
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