dermapen treatment

The Latest DermaPen 4 Skin Needling Technology Available at Just Magic!

We are blown away by the latest advancement in skin needling with our new device, the DermaPen 4! With its increased speed, power, precision and safety features that deliver a more comfortable treatment and best of all…the ultimate results in plumping, smoothing, clearing and rejuvenating skin! Nothing else even comes close to this remarkable treatment!

During micro-needling a single-use sterile cartridge is guided over your skin creating millions of fine fractional channels (with our DermaPen 4 over 100% more than any other device! And carries up to 80% more topical nutrients deeper into your skin.) In turn, your body’s own natural response triggers a self-rejuvenation function that creates superior results in plumping, smoothing, resurfacing, re-texturising and gives you that overall beautiful skin renewal!

Rapid results are seen with tightening, toning and firming the skin, and the refinement of open pores leaving your skin looking flawless. DermaPen 4 skin needling is the perfect treatment for sun-damaged, pigmented skins, especially stubborn melasma and hyperpigmentation spots as there is no risk of heat injury. In fact, the DermaPen 4 works to reduce pigmentation in four different ways giving you that more even and brighter skin tone! And with it being the only device on the market with a scar rejuvenation setting it delivers a smoother appearance for surgical scars, burn contractures and acne scarring, breaking down current scar tissue and regenerating healthy new tissue.

The DermaPen 4 stands in a class of its own with generally no downtime, and it being one of the most comfortable skin needling treatment available. It really is the best way to tackle damaged skin and replenish a new youthful you instantly!

You can now experience these remarkable results for yourself with DermaPen 4 micro skin needling at Just Magic Skin Care Clinic.

To launch the brilliant new device, we have paired our DermaPen 4 with our most popular DMK Enzyme Therapy to get your skin glowing for just $269 (Normally valued at $380)

So book in for Mackay’s most advanced micro-needling treatment and get the skin you’ve always wanted!