woman with red skin

Wanting a Long-Term Solution with Your Skin?

We never get tired of treating people’s skin and getting results. It’s our passion, it’s what we love to do! We get excited because we know we have the tools right at our finger tips to achieve such amazing results with skin.

Have you ever considered if your skin therapist is working to change your skin from within? Or do you have peel after peel, micro after micro and just wait for that change to happen?

Just Magic is unique in the way we treat skin and that’s why we achieve such phenomenal results with our clients.

There’s a bit of a peeling and microdermabrasion epidemic going on in Mackay at the moment and we have had an influx of new clients coming in wondering why they aren’t seeing much of an improvement in their skin. They are getting that temporary glossy shiny feeling to the skin (meaning they have successfully removed the lipid barrier!) but then what? Nothing changes!

You see, when there is something you don’t like on the surface of your skin there’s a root cause, deep within the skin where that problem actually originated, so it make sense to be working on that area of the skin to get that change to happen. We need to be restoring the skin. We need to rebuild the skin! It’s vitally important for long time changes!

We’re very lucky to have our DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment! We utilize it in combination with other modalities to deliver a massive rush of fresh oxygenated nutrients to the skin via your bodies own natural circulatory and lymphatic systems to be able to correct the skin from within.

If you imagine looking through your skin you’d be able to see all these factories working and when those factories are working at their very best it makes it so much easier to correct what we don’t like on the surface.

DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment is a specialised mask applied from your decolletage up to the forehead and when the mask dries it applies a downward pressure that instigates your bodies own natural systems to give a rush of oxygenated blood through all your capillary loops and brings with it fresh nutrients to the skin.

Now that is so important because this is what “feeds” the cells and tissue right down in the reproductive layer of the skin

On its return, it cleanses any stagnate lymph sitting in and around the cells (a bit like a washing machine) and it leaves your skin fully functioning, restored and pristine.

  • The DMK Enzyme Therapy isn’t an aggressive treatment, in fact it’s completely opposite!
  • It isn’t a ‘spa’ like treatment – it doesn’t hurt at all, but it isn’t a ‘spa’ like treatment. (It is a bit like going to the gym, it takes a bit of getting use to)
  • It works on the internal functions and structures of the skin, not just working on the surface

The best part is DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment can be performed on any skin condition or skin type- Acne, Rosacea, Pigmentation and Age Management and much more. It also works as the perfect introductory facial as well!

Just about anyone can peel the skin. Only we can restore and rebuild and it! We treat the main cause of your problem to bring you a long time solution.

So if you’re struggling with your skin, don’t go for another peel or microdermabrasion that  produces unhealthy cells and will have you praying for a change.

Talk to us at Just Magic Skin Care Clinic, we really do change lives.