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The Therapy Everyone From NASA to Just Magic Loves

This piece is part of an on-going series in which we take a deep dive into our enhancement menu. Enhancements can be added to any 50 Minute or 75 Minute facial. Each enhancement is $50.

What is LED light therapy?

LED, or Light Emitting Diode, is the targeted delivery of energy producing light used for therapeutic benefits on and in the body. That was a mouth full! LED lights are used by everyone from physical therapists to NASA to regenerate muscles and accelerate healing.

We use them because research has shown that this LED light energy has the capacity to stimulate collagen and elastin production and destroy acne-causing bacteria in the skin. Well-loved by our Skin Therapists at Just Magic, it’s your ticket to some serious anti-aging, while still being completely non-invasive.

How does it work on my skin?

Our cells have the ability to convert light into something called ATP, or adenosine triphosphate. ATP is the source of energy for every cell in the body. Without it, we don’t function at all. Without enough of it, we don’t function well. It’s our body’s way of utilizing raw energy to power and fuel the body. Similarly to how we convert food into usable energy, it’s our body’s way of powering and fueling up.

When we use LED light, our cells turn this light into ATP to rejuvenate the treated area, stimulating collagen and elastin, accelerating healing, as well as wiping out pesky bacteria. Not to be confused with laser treatments, LED light therapy is a safe and effective way for anyone who wants to diminish the appearance of the most common skin concerns, from fine lines and loss of firmness to stubborn breakout activity.

The two most popular color spectrums utilized are blue and red LED light, offering a unique array of skin benefits characteristic to each.

What is the benefit of the red light as part of skincare?

Red LED light works to stimulate the most important building blocks to youthful skin: collagen and elastin. This is why you’ll often see celebrities use those crazy face masks on Instagram. You can expect to experience firmer, plumper skin with consistent treatments. In addition, the red LED light is known to increase circulation and calm inflammation.

What is the benefit of the blue light as part of skincare?

Blue LED light is loved for its ability to wipe out bacteria, especially the unique kind of bacteria which exists in breakouts and acne. The blue light spectrum quickly shuts down bacteria’s metabolism, killing it promptly upon the use of LED blue light. This makes it a great, non-invasive tool for a breakout that you’re looking to banish ASAP.

I feel like I could benefit from both blue and red, is that possible?

Most definitely! Our Skin Therapists take the two-tiered approach quite often for maximum results (as inflammation and bacteria are often closely linked) and both types of light are covered under a single enhancement.

Can anyone use the LED lights during facials?

LED lights are completely UV free! So yes, it can be used by anyone. We do make use of those attractive tanning sunnies while you bathe in the light though. So don’t worry, your eyes will be safe.

How do I know that it’d be a good idea to talk to my Skin Therapist about it?

Two of the most common skin concerns our Skin Therapists hear are aging and breakouts. If either of these are on your mind, chances are you are a great candidate for LED light therapy. It can be an added enhancement to any facial. Your Skin Therapist will simply incorporate the light show during your facial!

Do you have any stories of success from treatment about the LED lights?

We’ve seen a significant improvement in the use of LED light therapy on breakouts. With cystic breakouts or acne condition like adult acne, individual breakouts can present themselves in a deep, swollen fashion. Extracting these will only prolong healing time, and could, in fact, lead to the spread of bacteria — which means the spreading of more breakouts! LED therapy is a way to heal broken out skin from the inside-out, providing therapeutic relief to this stress-inducing skin condition. Best results are seen with consistent, consecutive LED sessions.