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The Beginning To Amazing Skin!

I recently had an interesting conversation with a new friend to the clinic. When she came in for the first time she told me that over the last few months she had noticed that her skin had started to change which had got her wondering whether the treatments and skincare she had been relying on for so many years were still right for her skin.

She mentioned she had always based her home care on “who” it was rather than “what” it was and the idea of changing her treatments and products posed a big problem. She was completely confused with all the lotions, potions and treatments that are available, she felt overwhelmed!

She did the right thing though! She was visiting us for a skin consultation!

So here’s a suggestion, instead of looking for a new brand of skincare or treatments to have done, look for a new skin consultation.

Of course it’s important what you choose as far as skincare and treatments. We know that all skincare isn’t created equal, and there are treatments out there that just aren’t suitable for some skin types and conditions, so it pays to get the right advice to begin with.

Before you go spending your hard earned money (and I’ve always said that even a $45 bottle of cream is expensive if it does nothing, or worse, exacerbates the problem!) book in for a skin consultation.

Now I’m not talking about a 5 minute chat over the counter with your makeup still on. I’m talking about time spent with a skin expert who understands the functions and structure of the skin and who is knowledgeable about how skin conditions are formed. Where digital images are taken of your skin and are then explained to you, how and why your skin is the way it is. A plan put together with objectives in place to reach the skin goals set and then reviewed at each visit to make sure everything is going to plan.

Let’s be honest, if the person you’re speaking with doesn’t fully understand the skin or how it works, how can they provide a solution to your problem? And if they don’t accurately analyse your skin how can they possibly make recommendations that are correct for your skin?

Nothing gives you more relief than speaking with someone who really, REALLY knows their stuff! It’s that inspired trust and confidence that leaves you feeling so good.

So if you have a serious skin condition and you want to see results, maybe something has just started to bother you about your skin, or perhaps it’s just time for a change, call us and come in for a skin consultation.

You won’t have found just another skin care brand or treatments, you will have found skin experts to guide you along the way!

Never underestimate the importance of a good skin consultation! After all, it’s where amazing skin begins!


Just Magic Skin Care Clinic skin consultations are $69 redeemable on homecare on the day or FREE with any facial or skin treatment. Call us today on 49 575 605 to begin your journey to great skin!