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The 4 P’s of Skin.

I’ve got a question for you…if I was to meet up with you right now and tell you we were entering a 25km marathon run, how do you think your body would cope? Would you be able to last the distance? Would you break barriers and surpass a PB time? How would your recovery be?

I know that for me the outcome would not be successful (to say the least!) I haven’t trained, I haven’t worked on building my fitness and haven’t got my body ready for such an intensive exercise!

Preparation prevents poor performance!

And realistically your skin is the same when it comes to intensive skin treatments!

Recently my team of skin savers and I travelled to Brisbane where we attended a personal & professional workshop. One of the sessions was about the intensive skin treatments available within the cosmetic and beauty industry and the importance of making sure that the skin is ready and able to get the very best response.

Treatments such as IPL, laser, skin needling and peels for the skin are serious and are just like going on a 25km marathon run for the body, and it’s so important to make sure your skin is fit and prepared. Some of the things we always look at before embarking on intensive skin treatments are the amount of water we’re consuming (also taking into consideration diuretics like coffee, tea, alcohol) and including essential fatty acids both topically and internally to hold that water in the skin for as long as possible. The reason why high free water levels are necessary is that it activates the enzymes within our skin which transfers messages to all the cells of the skin to make sure it is working correctly. If we are inducing collagen, there needs to be Vitamin C for beautiful, strong health collagen fibres to be produced. Vitamin A for the regulation of cell turnover (not too fast and not too slow) in a rhythmical pattern. You will also need to make sure your skins immune function and wound healing responses are on track as intensive treatments quite often require the skin to undergo a controlled wound. Prepping and post treatments like enzyme therapy that increase the circulatory system to bring fresh nutrients and oxygen to your cells and the lymphatic system to remove debris are also required to achieve a strong skin that can manage the revitalisation and give longevity of results.

So before you embark on a serious skin program make sure you’ve practised the 4 P’s and have prepared your skin to the highest level so you can achieve the best results possible!

At Just Magic, we do a lot of research and education on how skin functions so that we can work with t

he skin and not against it! We don’t believe in performing intensive skin treatments on a sick and unhealthy skin because the result will only ever be a remodelled sick and unhealthy skin! We work with a system that will ensure your skin is strong, fit, able to last the distance, recover quickly and have the very best long-term response from your intensive treatment resulting in vibrant, youthful, glowing skin.

If you’d like to find out more about Just Magic Skin Care Clinic’s intensive skin treatments, contact us, we’re here to help!