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At Just Magic Skin Care Clinic, our passion is helping Mackay locals overcome their skin problems. See how we have helped people just like you achieve the clear, healthy, youthful skin they have always wanted.

  • Before beginning my DMK treatments i had never had such a skin treatment. My self-esteem was extremely low and I found myself using makeup daily to cover my breakouts. After my initial consultation I left my trust in the team to do what they are specialized in. The results I have achieved with my skin is incredible! There is less redness and my skin is now clear, smooth and soft. The compliments from my friends and family have been an added bonus

    Elly's Story

  • At 74 years young I believed the condition of my skin was permanent and just part of life. The extreme redness, red veins, angry red patches and soreness under the razor had developed over time and I was sceptical about any claim to correct it. I had never been “committed” as my therapist said, to skin care regimen because I did not believe or understand that you could really change the way skin operates. But I hadn’t tried DMK. During the course of my DMK treatment program at the clinic I changed my mindset and beliefs with the constant education that the girls at the clinic continued to provide me at every visit. Being committed meant following my skincare regimen at home every day, changing my lifestyle/diet, and attending my weekly clinic visits. I am amazed (as are friends and family) at the improvements in my skin. I now understand the importance of my own commitment to prioritizing myself. I am a true believer in DMK! I thank the girls for fixing my skin! Their genuine professionalism, skill and love for what they do is unique and very much appreciated and I am sincerely thankful.

    Michael's Story

  • I was introduced to DMK by accident really. I could no longer purchase the products that I was using in town, so I dropped into Mackay’s DMK clinic to see what I could use for my skin. I was concerned about pigment, and they promptly booked me in for a consultation. I was prescribed DMK products back in 2016, which I still use to this day,  years later. I now wanted something done about my pigment but had limited time and didn’t want any down time at all as I work with a lot of people, so the girls suggested a plan of DMK treatments. It was terrific, the results speak for themselves, and I am so happy with my skin.

    Robyn's Story

  • Ever since my first appointment, they have always made me feel welcome. I’ve been coming in most weeks since November and every time, I always leave feeling better than when I came in.

    K. Martin

  • I must say a big thank you to the girls at Just Magic. I love my skin!! I feel and look fabulous at 50! Thank you all for your advice and amazing treatments. My friends keep asking what have I been doing.

    T. Broggian

  • I received the best massage from on Friday. I arrived with a terrible headache and left with a clear head and very relaxed. Thank you so much!

    M. Worlley

  • I’ve been coming here for a while and it’s been excellent. I had quite bad breakouts and scarring, but after being here, it’s cleared everything up! Definitely recommend coming here.

    K. Reck

  • I came here looking for results and that’s exactly what I got. My skin looks and feels amazing. I can’t wait for my next facial treatment. Thank you so much! X

    A. Dyer

  • The best experience I have had in Mackay. Excellent, friendly, professional. I will definitely be back.

    S. Wynne

  • The most awesome clinic in Mackay. All the girls are so amazing with the best customer service and products around. I drive from Sarina just to go there because they are the best.

    R. Maynard

  • I have had nothing but fantastic experiences with Just Magic. Started off with a gift voucher from my mother-in-law (also a client) and have been going back ever since.
    They helped me get ready for my wedding in March last year so I was all smooth and skin was glowing, as well as relaxed after one of their awesome massages. Thanks for awesome customer service and making me feel comfortable. Always recommend to all my friends.

    K. Reedman

  • I’ve been a regular client at Just Magic for around 10 years now, mostly utilising the services of facials, waxing and massages. In all that time, the staff have been exceptionally professional, friendly, efficient and mindful of client confidentiality. They are up to date with the latest products and treatments, yet don’t adopt a ‘hard sell’ attitude. They let the products speak for themselves and allow the clients to decide. The quality of their treatments and their aim to please keeps me coming back, and I often purchase gift vouchers for family and friends, many of whom have continued as permanent clients. I always recommend Just Magic, simply because every visit is ‘just magic’.

    D. Hatfield

  • Just Magic! And so it is! The team at Just Magic are very professional and super friendly. The staff have been looking after my skin and feet for years. I get the best pedicure ever and they take great care in matching the products and services from their impressive range to the particular needs of my skin. The result is a huge improvement in both the way my face looks and feels. This in turn makes me feel good and comfortable in my own skin. Thanks girls!

    B. Slykerman

  • Just Magic has been part of my life for over twenty years and I’m certain my skin is as good as it is at 46 due to my more regular visits over the part seven years. The team come across so friendly and yet always remain very professional. They make you feel you are their only client and always ensure your absolute comfort. With every treatment, you have the girls explain how it’s going to happen, what you should expect and the level of discomfort, if any. The tram are up to date with the latest skin technology with weekly training and every one of the girls knows their products inside out. I recommend anyone who has never had a facial, or even if you have somewhere else, call and request a facial. Your skin will thank you for it!

    S. Power

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