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NEW Summer Loven’ Skin Facial Treatments (Just in time for Christmas!)

With the official start to summer only a day or two away, you may be thinking about ways to boost your skin health. Many of us become more aware of our skin quality during the warmer months when we aren’t bundled up. Wearing tank tops, shorts, and maybe even going lighter on the makeup in the summertime makes us take a good hard look at what’s been hiding under those layers all winter (not to mention the festive season social gatherings coming up!)

The good news is that you’ll be able to step forward with confidence and embrace the day with energy and radiance through Just Magic Skin Care Clinic’s Summer Loven’ Skin Treatments that will bring out your glowing spirit!

Each treatment includes a deep double cleanse, detoxifying mask, enzymatic peel exfoliation, secondary boosting mask, serums, moisturisers, SPF and lip balm.


  • Naturally refresh and renew dehydrated skin
  • Bright and volumize skin with designer peptides
  • Even skin tone with exculsive MASQ-tech and vitamin C
  • Nourish and slow skin aging with the latest epigenetic technology


CLEAR BLUE SKIES (Oily/Breakout Prone/Acne)

  • Boost skin clarity with naturally detoxifying ingredients
  • Prevent future breakouts while reducing skin redness
  • Miimise pore appearance with refining retinol
  • Destress, strengthen and heal skin with antioxidant vitamin C


SUNSET GLOW (Brightening)

  • Boost natural glow with MASQ-tech skin illuminating technology
  • Brighten and lift with vitamin C and marine botanicals
  • Renew skin beauty with luxury minerals and plant stem cells
  • Smooth skin with retinol and lighten skin with lactic acid



  • Slow skin’s natural aging process through new epigenetic technology
  • Advanced firming with the latest generation of designer peptides
  • Lift and restore radiance with natural marine extracts
  • Restore youthful texture with natural enzymes and effective acids


45mins of summer skin lovin’ goodness for only $149.

Plus these popular treatments also have an optional bonus upgrade of a 30min massage for just $35! (Just what you need around Christmas!)

The Perfect Christmas Gift!

Take the step to feel beautifully bright and let your sunshine glow this summer! 

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