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Just Magic Skin Care Clinic Celebrates 37 Years in Mackay!

Just Magic Skin Care Clinic was the first stand-alone beauty salon to open in Mackay (1981) and has continued to grow over the past 37 years. Rhiannon Nichols, an employee of four years, purchased and became the owner/manager in March 2000. The salon operated out of the same premises for 31 years, undergoing minimal facelifts during that time.

Rhiannon Nichols accepting one of Just Magic Skin Care Clinic’s many awards.

In August 2017 Rhiannon’s ultimate dream came true when Just Magic relocated to a more suitable spacious premises and made the change from offering all traditional beauty services to becoming a predominately skin results driven clinic.



Many, many changes have occurred within the beauty industry and small business over the past 18 years but there is something that has always stayed the same at Just Magic, and that is passion. Being able to share something with people that changes the way they feel about themselves and watch them transform their own lives for the better, simply because they feel more confident about themselves and their skin is a fantastic thing.


At Just Magic, we talk about giving the gift of great skin because we have always genuinely cared about people. We believe everyone deserves great skin and to look and feel their best. We feel the pain and suffering from people, whether it be a severe case of acne or premature ageing or damaged skin – and there is no greater reward for us, to see people transform themselves, to grow confidence and change their lives.

We are blessed to work with amazing staff and guests who share our passion for great skin. It’s their dedication and commitment that allows us to achieve such amazing things, changing lives and having a positive impact on how people look and feel.

So thank you! We are grateful for your support of Just Magic Skin Care Clinic to do what we love.

In celebrating 37 years of keeping you looking Just Magic we have put together some fantastic luxury experiences for the month of September 2018.

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Just Magic Skin Care Clinic in Sydney Street
Just Magic Skin Care Clinic in it’s beautiful new location 37 Carlyle Street