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Intro to Acne: a Back to School Guide

Everyone remembers the stress of being a teenager. The constant worry of looming tests and papers, college transcripts and essays to be written, the telltale clock of upcoming responsibility endlessly ticking away, and of course, the most stressful of all, a fat pimple on your face at the most inopportune times. Luckily, to alleviate some of that stress, we are willing to write college essays of 1,200 words or less. Just kidding. Instead, we have prepared a crash-course in all things acne to help give you an edge on avoiding annoying and embarrassing pimples.


In general, the first thing to identify when a problem arises is what is causing the problem. In this case, acne is the direct result of the clogging of pores due to a number of reasons. The most common reason for these clogs is an overactive sebaceous gland, a gland in hair follicles and pores that produces sebum, otherwise known as oil. When there is too much sebum, dead skin cells, and other such microscopic debris on your skin your pores can get clogged and bacteria will begin to develop. This developing bacteria will cause the area to become red and irritated forming into a pimple.


When a pimple begins to form, there are two forms it generally takes. If the pore is so clogged that it is closes off, becomes inflamed and begins to bulge outward on your skin, that means that it is a white-head. If instead the clogged pore remains open, it will take  a darker color and become a black-head.


Teenagers are the group most victimized by troublesome acne which, as it begins to develop, may leave many teens asking “why us?” Well the answer is pretty simple but we would honestly feel kinda awkward just going straight into it so, instead, we are going to take the form of this generic parental figure:


“You see Timmy (or whatever your name may be), when you reach a certain age your body starts to change. Its not a bad thing and you’re not in trouble, I just want you to be aware of the types of things you should be expecting. You have these chemicals in your body called hormones, and when you hit that certain age they will start to go wild, much like you kids when you’ve had too much sugar. These hormones will stimulate glands in your skin, causing them to overproduce the natural oil your skin needs which in turn may cause some pesky pimples. These hormones will also stimulate other things which will cause… well, it will cause your, um… When a man and a woman are deeply in love they will… Well heck, don’t they teach you this filth in schools?!”

So in conclusion, it is often teenager’s natural response to puberty and the over stimulation of the sebaceous gland that makes them the primary host of acne.


There are several simple ways for teenagers to prevent acne such as drinking a lot of water, taking lots of showers, sleeping on a clean pillow case, and maintaining a healthy diet. But, more often than not, despite your best efforts pimples will still find a way to blemish you skin and leave you scrambling for a speedy solution. Fortunately, the scientist at Lira Clinical are way ahead of you and have developed a line of skin care products aimed specifically at treating and preventing acne. The ICE Line is perfect for fighting the acne causing bacteria that lives in clogged pores and preventing acne from happening. It also includes topical lotion that actively fights existing acne and can clear up annoying zits in no time.

So in conclusion: When you’re finally fed up with annoying acne, check out the revolutionary Lira Clinical ICE Line at Just Magic Skin Care Clinic.