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beauty & skincare treatments in mackay


It’s no secret that we LOVE skin!

Think of us as your skin’s personal trainer; helping your skin get back on track to manage dysfunctions such as pigmentation, acne, rosacea and extrinsic ageing.

For all of our new clients, we recommend booking in a skin consultation appointment. Your skin therapist will discuss your skin health, any problem areas or concerns and help set your skin goals during your initial consultation. 

woman with face cream

Together we will find the most effective treatments and homecare tailored specifically for your condition.

*Please note, our requirements for pre-consultations for our clinic treatments below.

Skin Analysis & Consultations (In Clinic)

Comprehensive Digital Skin Analysis - $80 (redeemable)

Take a journey beneath your skins surface with our Observ advanced digital skin scanning and imaging machine.

Understanding what makes your skin tick is at the heart of achieving great & long-lasting results with your skin!

 Your expert Skin Technicians will take digital images of your skin with our high-tech Observ Skin Analysis Machine and spend private time to get to know you and your skin, diagnosing your concerns & completing a plan for maximum results. You’ll leave armed with a better understanding of your skin & the know-how to get results.

This state of the art technology will provide you and your skin therapist with highly precise scientific visualisation of your skins condition providing accuracy of diagnosis of your skins needs.

**Your Observ skin analysis is fully redeemable on your prescription on the day or complimentary with any facial treatment.

Skin Analysis & Consultations (Virtual)

Comprehensive Skin Analysis - $80 (redeemable)

Unable to make it to the clinic? No problem!

A FaceTime or Zoom consultation can be set up to discuss your skin concerns and desired skin goals. Includes an in depth analysis of your current skincare routine to see if any of your products are keeping your skin from flourishing. Then in consultation with you, a tailor made program of treatments and home care prescription are specifically recommended for your skins requirements.

**Your skin analysis is fully redeemable on your prescription on the day or with any facial treatment.

The Step Your Routine Is Missing

                      Facials supercharge your skincare routine, make your home care work harder, and help you reach your skin goals.

45 Minute Facial $99

The Jetsetter • The Time Crunch • A Little TLC

In just under an hour, we can provide a hydrating boost before an event, revive jet-lagged skin, and help maintain results between monthly facials. Or, work with your Skin Therapist to develop a targeted enhancement series to reach a specific goal.

60 Minute Facial $149 MOST POPULAR

The Classic • The Sweet Spot • The Monthly Maintenance

In 60 minutes, you’ll experience a comprehensive, personalized facial tailored to your wants and your skin’s needs. Your Skin Therapist will perform a deep cleansing facial to your face, neck and decolletage and utilize a corrective face mask for elevated results.  You’ll have time to add one of our included enhancement to your treatment, boosting results and reaching your goals even faster.

Choose from one of the enhancement inclusions:                                                                                                                                                                                       

 • Microdermabrasion • LED Light Therapy • Peel • Extractions

75 Minute Facial $199

The Routine Refresh • The Newbie • The Added Boost

Taking your skin to the next level. A more intensive treatment to get your skin to flourish. Includes face, neck and decolletage and specialised mask.
Great for skin concerns and problematic skins, skin revision and skin health alignment.

Choose from one of the enhancement inclusions:                                                                                                                                                                                       

 • HydraFacial • Cocktail peels • NanoFusion Facial

90 Minute Facial $259

The Goal Getter • The Rejuvenation Queen • The Ultimate Results

Perfect if you have a few goals you want to tackle. An elevated advanced skin rejuvenation facial that addresses specific concerns to get your skin to where you want it to be. Includes luxury firming and restoring mask.
Great for superior results, deeper treatment and ultimate rejuvenation.

Choose from one of the enhancement inclusions:                                                                                                                                                                                     

   • Micro Needling • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Skin Rejuvenation

Multiple enhancements to add extra magic

Your Skin Therapist will perform safe, effective multiple enhancements with your facial, but only if they deem your skin in good shape for them. These extra time slots allow for an even more comprehensive facial, plus time to use how you’d like: multiple enhancements  or extra facial massage.  It’s also just bonus self-care time, because you deserve it.

Extractions $50

LED Light Therapy $50

Microdermabrasion $50

Extra Facial Massage $50

Micro Needling Neck & Decolletage $99

IPL Neck & Decolletage $99

*Please note that before any clinical facial treatments, we require any clients who are new or haven’t been to the salon in 3 months to have a 30 minute full skin consultation with their treatment. If you are a Just Magic devotee, a complimentary 10 minute skin review with your facial treatment is perfect. This is to ensure we have the full history of your skin and time to discuss future planning. When booking, please advise which option you would like.