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It’s no secret that we LOVE skin!

Think of us as your skin’s personal trainer; helping your skin get back on track to manage dysfunctions such as pigmentation, acne, rosacea and ageing.

Together we will find the most effective treatments and homecare tailored specifically for your condition.

Tell us about your skincare goals.

Receive an expert skin analysis.

Enjoy a personalised treatment.

Learn how to enhance your daily routine.

Skin analysis & consultations

Comprehensive In-Clinic Digital Skin Analysis - $80 (redeemable)

Take a journey beneath your skins surface with our Observ advanced digital skin scanning and imaging machine.

Understanding what makes your skin tick is at the heart of achieving great & long-lasting results with your skin!

 Your expert Skin Technicians will take digital images of your skin with our high-tech Observ Skin Analysis Machine and spend private time to get to know you and your skin, diagnosing your concerns & completing a plan for maximum results. You’ll leave armed with a better understanding of your skin & the know-how to get results.

This state of the art technology will provide you and your skin therapist with highly precise scientific visualisation of your skins condition providing accuracy of diagnosis of your skins needs.

**Your Observ skin analysis is fully redeemable on your prescription on the day or complimentary with any facial treatment.

Comprehensive Virtual Skin Analysis - $80 (redeemable)

Unable to make it to the clinic? No problem!

A FaceTime or Zoom consultation can be set up to discuss your skin concerns and desired skin goals. Includes an in depth analysis of your current skincare routine to see if any of your products are keeping your skin from flourishing. Then in consultation with you, a tailor made program of treatments and home care prescription are specifically recommended for your skins requirements.

**Your skin analysis is fully redeemable on your prescription on the day or with any facial treatment.

facials.....The Step Your Routine Is Missing

Facials supercharge your skin, allow your skincare routine to work harder, and help you reach your skin goals.

SWiCH Dermal Rejuvenation Facial - $175

Advanced Anti-Ageing Chemical Peel Alternative

SWiCH™ takes advantage of the skin’s natural repair mechanism, to help restore skin’s optimum appearance, without injury to the skin. The SWiCH™ Dermal Revitalisation System works to help the body generate its own cellular energy, safely replenishing healthy components of the skin without inflicting damage. This revolutionary treatment is refreshing and painless, and leaves the skin looking luminous and firmer with an even, balanced skin tone..

For optimal results 6 treatments is recommended.

When performed on the appropriate candidate, it is very safe and does not burn the skin, as traditional peel treatments can. SWiCH™ is a leave-on system. The active ingredients remain to provide longevity in repair and restoration. The client uses special home care included with the treatment for three days. Treatments may be repeated at monthly intervals for 6 to 12 months for maximum cumulative effects.

A warm sensation may be experienced during the treatment for about sixty seconds. Most clients experience little or no peeling. Some red- ness may result which subsides in a few hours. It is important to follow the instructions on the home care kit provided after the treatment. It is recommended you book a consultation before booking a SWiCH™ treatment to assess your suitability.

We will evaluate your skin and recommend the products you need to use prior to a SWiCH treatment. You will discontinue use of any retinol products 14 days prior to treatment, and follow the recommendations to extend and enhance your results.

Every four- to- six weeks, for 6-12 sessions, or as recommended.

Yes, you will be given products to take home and recommendations for daily use between treatments. Follow the directions given to you prior to and after your treatment.

SWiCH™ should not be used by anyone who is pregnant, nursing, or allergic to aspirin or salicylates. Cancer patients may not receive SWiCH. You will discontinue use of any products containing Vitamin A for 14 days prior to treatment and will not use Vitamin A for one month afterward.
We recommend booking a consultation to see if SWiCH™ is right for you.

Firming Peptide Enzyme Facial - $170 (MOST POPULAR)

FirmLift and Detoxify the Skin

This facial’s firming and tightening mask combines some of the latest technology in peptide, antioxidant and dermal regeneration science resulting in a plasmatic stimulation into the deeper layers of the skin. Containing ingredients such as white tea, green tea and Beta Glucan, this treatment is perfect for ageing, dull, sagging and UV damaged skins.

Enjoy on it’s own or pair it with other facial treatments for amazing results.

As the mask dries it begins to slowly tighten on the skin. You may feel pulsating during the treatment.

The Firming Peptide Enzyme Facial is recommended every 4 weeks however it can be completed more often in the lead up to special occasions or to shift super stubborn skin conditions.

Some people notice dilated capillaries after the removal of the Firming Peptide Mask. This vascular response shows the microcirculation effect working to bring fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients to the deep layers of the skin. The effect normally fades after 30 minutes.

Oxygen RX Facial - $175

Breathe Health into Your Skin

The Oxygen RX Facial treatment breathes new life into your skin by creating oxygen on the surface of the skin. A delightful sensory experience that is proven to improve a variety of skin conditions such as Acne, Rosacea and Vascularity.

This treatment stimulates the fibroblast cell for collagen and elastin and the end result is clear and luminous skin with a feeling of firmness. It can be repeated as often as once a week (oxygen only). With the enzyme facial treatment included, it can be repeated once every third week.

Have this treatment on it’s own or pair it with our Enzyme Exfoliation treatment for best results with no down time.

Topical oxygen reduces redness and soothes inflamed skin after just one treatment, leaving the skin smoother and more comfortable , with enhanced clarity and tone. It also addresses the bacterial component of acne and gently facilitates the removal of comedones (blackheads).

Oxygen has been found to be very effective in controlling bacteria associated with demodex follicularum, the common skin mite, often present in individuals suffering from rosacea. This is helpful in controlling the susceptibility to infection and further redness.

One Oxygen Rx treatment can significantly minimise the look of large, broken capillaries and provide a soothing and relaxing experience.

Solid state topical oxygen gently stimulates cellular response to help diminish the visible signs of ageing. Skin appears firmer and more radiant after just one use, leaving the skin luminous with a feeling of firmness. Visible improvement continues with subsequent treatments combined with the appropriate home care regimen.

Oxygen is essential for all life. It is important to differentiate between the activities of oxygen entering the body through respiration versus the benefit of a topical application. Although the use of oxygen has been touted in various types of treatments, Circadia has developed the first professional procedure to effectively generate oxygen on the skin with this signature delivery system.

This is a solid state oxygen treatment that does not use hydrogen peroxide or gas wands. Instead, oxygen is generated on the skin by an enzyme action. The components of the treatment are carefully measured for single-use application in the exact effective dose.

Treatments can be safely performed as often as once a week as a standalone treatment. When paired with our Enzyme Treatments it can be repeated every third week.

Yes. This is an excellent “lunchtime facial.” You’ll return to work with a healthy glow.

We recommend a personalised  at-home regimen to maintain and enhance the benefits of your Oxygen Rx Treatment.

Enzyme Exfoliation Facial - $140

BrightFresh and Clarifying Results Enhanced by Enzymes

Enzyme Exfoliation treatments contain a combination of fruit enzymes such as bromelain from pineapple, papain from papaya, and trypsin to gently exfoliate and breakdown skin cells on the outermost layer of the skin. This release of cellular debris from the skin’s surface helps transform dull, rough and lackluster skin into beautifully soft and glowing skin. Available in Cocoa, Raspberry and Zymase, each treatment is designed to target skin concerns such as acne, ageing and pigmentation.

Includes Speciality Mask during the treatment specifically choose to benefit your skin condition.

Have this treatment on it’s own or pair it with our Firming Peptide Mask Treatment (please book it under our Enhancement Category as an additional treatment and save!) for best results with no downtime.

**These services must be booked with a primary facial service**

LED Light Therapy

We're huge fans of LED Light Therapy! This non-invasive treatment encourages natural skin healing with It's ability to stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing process.


Additional Specialty Mask

One of the ways we customise your facial is with our specialty masks. Our masks are packed with powerful ingredients to effectively target your skin concern, especially when paired with a treatment. Your Specialty Mask will be chosen to give you the best results at time of treatment.


Full Neck & Décolletage Inclusion

Please include this selection if you would like us to include your full neck & décolletage area during your service. Only required for: :NanoFusion :Skin Needling -DermaPen :Any of the HydraFacial Services :IPL PhotoFacial


Firming Peptide Enzyme Mask Add On

Your firming peptide enzyme mask treatment is excellent for skin detoxification whilst also firming, lifting, tightening and perfect for breakout prone, aged, dull, sagging and UV damaged skin. Healthy cells = healthier skin! Let us help you rebuild your skin to it's optimal health!


Please note that before any clinical facial treatments, we require any clients who are new or haven’t been to the salon in 3 months to have a Comprehensive In-Clinic Digital Skin Analysis with their treatment. If you are a Just Magic devotee, a complimentary 10 minute skin review with your facial treatment is perfect.

This is to ensure we have the full history of your skin and time to discuss future planning. When booking, please advise which option you would like.


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