led therapy

Experience for Yourself One of the Best-Kept Secrets in the Beauty Industry for FREE This August!

Have you ever wondered what beauty therapists do when they want to look good for a special occasion?

Naturally, we don’t provide treatments for our clients that we won’t use for ourselves, but of all the technologies we invest in and use day in and day out, have you ever wondered which one is our go-to choice when we want to look fabulous in a short amount of time?

The answer: LED Light Therapy Machine.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Here are a couple of reasons why we think LED is one of the best-kept secrets in the beauty industry and we recommend it for all our clients:

  1. Works perfectly on all skin types. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or combinations of the two, LED Light Therapy will improve your skin conditions, no exceptions.
  2. Rapid results. Hard-pressed for time? If you can spare just 10-20 minutes from your lunch break to go under the light, you will see a massive difference after just one treatment!
  3. The solution to most skin conditions. LED is designed to combat acne, signs of ageing, rosacea, pigmentation, and so much more. LED works really well as just a maintenance treatment that you get once a month as well, so you can keep on glowing!
  4. Non-invasive. There is zero downtime. You could go back to the office after your lunchtime treatment and no one will be the wiser that you’ve just had a professional treatment. There is no redness, no scarring—BUT everyone will notice the results!
  5. Very thorough. We were very careful when choosing our LED machine to pick one with panels that offer full coverage of the face—from the forehead to the neck and from the left side of the face down to the right. Not one part of the face will miss out on this skin-glowing treatment.

So how does LED achieve all that for you? Well, in each cell within the skin, there is something called the mitochondria, which is like the battery of the cell.

Unlike some other treatments that just work on the surface layer of the skin, the LED light penetrates down to a cellular level to recharge those mitochondria so the skin cells will be able to perform better—namely with enhanced nutrient uptake, enhanced waste removal, and what follows is an enhanced glow!

Do you want your skin to glow from the inside out? Now’s the time to see for yourself what our LED Light Therapy can do for you!

This August, if you book in for any of our Advanced Treatments, you will get a complimentary LED Skin-Boosting Treatment FREE (Worth $60)!

Don’t miss out! Book online today or call us on (07) 4957 5605.