What kind of beauty lover are you – the kind who created a skincare routine decades ago and hasn’t strayed from it, or are you constantly switching up your routine?

If you are always on the hunt for the next big thing when it comes to skincare, I’m here to help. Each year thousands of new skincare products make their debut, while some tried and true products become elevated to cult hero status (we’re looking at you, Circadia). Sifting through all of the choices and deciding what’s the hype and what’s worth a try can be overwhelming but that’s why we are here.  

If you’ve ever bought skincare products from a supermarket, pharmacy, or department store (who hasn’t), you may be wondering why those products just aren’t making it happen when it comes to seeing the changes you want to in your skin. Our skin is made up of layers and medical grade skincare such as Circadia are made with formulations that combine a much higher concentration of pure active ingredients, designed to be delivered deeper into the dermis to achieve optimal results in skin health. Products that are purchased at supermarkets and on the high street are not held to the same standards.

Where are Circadia products manufactured?

Circadia leads the industry in using targeted ingredient technologies as a result of long-standing relationships with raw material suppliers and vertically integrated company structure, where they’re able to control the quality of everything from their research and development to packaging and fulfilment. They formulate, test, produce and package all products in-house in order to offer Circadia partners, like myself, consistent quality. Together, with experienced scientists & cosmeticians, medical professionals and chemists, they are constantly developing new products in their own laboratory in the USA. Their state-of-the-art facility allows them the freedom to innovate and offer formulations no other skincare line can access, all at affordable pricing, effectively eliminating any third parties.

Circadia announced the launch of two innovative treatment masks to deliver exceptional results in the treatment room using cutting-edge ingredient technology. Charcoal Milk Clarifying Mask and Circadian Time Balancing Mask with Malachite became available on March 6th.

Recently, Circadia has announced the launch of their latest innovative in skincare: the Pre & Post Biotic Nourishing Mask with Royal Tea. Packed with powerful ingredients that target cellular damage from blue light and digital pollution, while also offering hydrating and healing benefits.

Pre & Post Nourishing Mask with Royal Tea Key Benefits:

  • Circanblue – protects the skin from harmful effects of blue light and digital pollution, resynchronising the circadian rhythm in keratinocytes to maintain a youthful and vibrant appearance.
  • PreBIULIN and BIOLIN/P prebiotics – supports a healthy microbiome, strengthening its barrier and improving immune function, ensuring the skin remains resilient and balanced, no matter the environmental stressors it faces.
  • CM-Glucan Forte – rebalances the skins immune system, soothes irritations and reinforces the skin’s barrier, making it perfect for dry, inflamed and compromised skins.
  • Royal Tea Extract – key ingredient, known for its antioxidant properties, helping to reduce blemishes, hydrate the skin, inhibit tyrosinase providing a more even skin tone and combat inflammation.

What’s the Circadia difference?

Circadia is an internationally recognised advanced professional skincare brand, that has a rich history of research and experience standing behind them with over 20 years as a skincare manufacture alone, who have designed their products to work in synergy with the skin and body’s own natural circadian rhythms.

Circadia is the brand I use and wholeheartedly recommend for all my clients at Just Magic, and there are several compelling reasons why it sets itself apart from other brands.

Firstly, Circadia products are founded on the principles of chronobiology, which is the science of natural circadian rhythms. Protect during the day. Repair at night. This innovative approach ensures that their products work in harmony with the body’s natural cycles, optimising the skin’s repair and rejuvenation processes. This unique focus on the skin’s biological clock is one of the key aspects that drew me to Circadia, as it aligns perfectly with my commitment to holistic and science-based skincare solutions.

Another aspect I love about Circadia is the diverse range of products they offer. Whether addressing specific concerns like acne, ageing or pigmentation, Circadia’s comprehensive product line allows me to customise treatment plans that cater to the unique needs of each client.

This versatility is invaluable in my clinic, as it ensures I can provide targeted and effective solutions for a wide variety of skin conditions. Additionally, Circadia products are designed to build up and strengthen the skin over time. Their formulations include powerful, scientifically proven ingredients that not only address immediate skin concerns but also promote long-term skin health. This emphasis on sustained improvement and overall skin resilience is something I highly value, as it helps my clients achieve and maintain radiant, healthy skin.

What truly sets Circadia apart is the thoughtful and multifaceted approach of their products. From leveraging cutting-edge scientific research to offering a broad spectrum of tailored solutions, Circadia embodies the excellence I strive to provide in my clinic. This synergy between the brand’s philosophy and my own approach to skincare is why I chose Circadia and continue to love and trust their products for my clients.


How long has the Circadia brand existed?

Circadia was founded by Dr. Pugliese in the USA. The Circadia brand has been successfully established on the American market for over 20 years and is still one of the most popular brands in the USA today.

Are Circadia products tested on animals?

No, Circadia products are not tested on animals.

Are Circadia products suitable for vegans?

Almost all products are vegan.

What makes Circadia so special?

In collaboration with experienced scientists and cosmeticians, we harness the science of circadian rhythms in product development and offer unique formulations that deliver reliable results. All products are clinically clean skin care, meaning they are paraben-free, SLS-free and frangrance-free.


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