Creating Breast Cancer Awareness with #Pinkzyme

 During October, Just Magic Skin Care Clinic is supporting breast cancer awareness by turning our most popular facial treatment, our DMK Enzyme Therapy pink!

Breast cancer it is still one of the most common forms of cancer in Australian women, 50 women per day are diagnosed with breast cancer but the more awareness that is out there and the more we understand the disease, the more the survival rates increase! Currently, 89 out of 100 women survive breast cancer, and we really want to make it a 100!

Who Can Have A #Pinkzyme?

Enzyme Therapy is for every skin condition; pigmentation, acne, reactive skin because it works more on rebuilding your skin, so it is quite a universal facial for every skin condition.

How Does DMK Enzyme Therapy Work?

It utilises botanical plant based transfer messenger enzymes (there are over 160 Enzymes in the enzyme mask) which send messages or instigate activity of our bodies own enzymes. Cell communication is critical to create healthy skin, and that is what enzymes do. They also stimulate lymphatic drainage and increase circulation. The objective is to deliver lots of freshly oxygenated blood to your skin so that it is healthy and vibrant.

What Will My Skin Feel Like After The Treatment?

The benefits are that it is going to help produce collagen and elastin but immediately after an Enzyme treatment the skins filled with lots of water and volume. The volume is going to help improve the density of the skin, lighten and brighten pigmentation, reduce redness and really just overall rejuvenation is what you can expect.

Application Of Enzyme Therapy Is A Key Aspect…

We view the skin as face, neck and chest, so we treat that entire area as one and also because Enzyme Therapy is working with simulating your lymph nodes. We have lots of lymph nodes in the chest and at the base of the neck, and we are encouraging that blood and circulation through the carotid arteries, so this is why you may experience some pulsing in the skin due to the oxygenated blood flow. It is all about the application and increasing and directing that blood flow through those arteries.

Does It Suit Other Treatments?

Our entry-level Enzyme Therapy is $170, but you can also have pre-removal phases added to that treatment. It is also great to be done with other treatments such as Microdermabrasion, Hydrafacials, Skin Needling, and IPL. It is also one of our favourite treatments for our clients to have before injectables like Botox and fillers because it gives that long-lasting result to that treatment and it also makes the skin’s environment super healthy. Enzyme Therapy is going to create the perfect homeostasis in the skin where those injectables can really thrive and live longer.

So come in and visit Just Magic Skin Care Clinic this October for your #Pinkzyme to help raise more awareness for breast cancer!