closeup of woman in winter gear

Combating Winter Skin Woes

Warm jackets, woolly jumpers, an extra layer and you’re all set to head out into the cooler outdoors, bundled up and protecting yourself from the harsh cold air. But one thing you probably forget during the coldest months of the year is your skin. Believe it or not, the wintertime can have a damaging effect on your skin’s ability to stay healthy and fight against ageing.

The combination of windy, cold weather outside and the moisture-depleting heaters indoors works to drain skin of vital moisture, and your dewy, hydrated summer complexion can quickly fade to a dull and grey appearance.

And we all know that lack of hydration can cause a multitude of skin system breakdowns leading to a flaky, rough surface and increased wrinkling.

So how do we combat these conditions?

  1. If there was ever a time to have your home skin prescription assessed the time would be now

Switching over your cleanser and nourishing crème to ones that hydrate and replenish leaving and providing more lipids to your skin will ultimately have your skin feeling nurtured and looking after its environmental protective barrier.

  1. Get your Omega On

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are the good type of fat that are in fish, nuts and seeds like chia and flax. These fats are anti-inflammatory and great for skin issues of any kind including eczema, psoriasis and acne. Increasing your omega-3 intake can also result in improvements in skin itching, dryness and redness. If you think your diet may be lacking in omega-3 essential fatty acids, ask us about our high-quality supplement instead.

  1. Shed the Dead

When your skin loses it’s free water levels, it becomes less efficient at its natural exfoliation process. This dead skin cell build-up on the surface causes your moisturises and nourishing crèmes to be less effective and can add to the dull appearance.

4. Oil it up                                                                                                                                                           

Fractionated face oils are a vital element for your winter skin care routine because they replenish the top layers of your skin so they can retain moisture and repel assaults from wind and cold. Even better, fractionated face oils penetrate past your skins epidermal barrier to deliver nutrients to deeper layers of your skin.

  1. Revise your skin

Winter is the high season for skin revision as it is the ideal time of year to get the best skin of your life! Not only does the cooler weather make more intensive treatments more allowable as you’re not as likely to be out in the harsh sun, but it’s also a great time to erase summer sun build-up and complete corrective work on specific areas say like the décolletage as it is easily covered with high neck skivvies and scarves.

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